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Shenzhen SuTung New Energy Co., Ltd. is a new energy storage, including household energy storage, communication base station energy storage and cloud computing bank UPS energy storage, new energy vehicle battery pack and electric motorcycle electric bicycle battery pack design and pack manufacturer. Also LED smart lighting urban solar street lights and urban night lighting, light environment products, research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, service and product solutions as one of the integrated high-tech enterprises, the company registered capital of 100 million RMB, it is a wholly-owned enterprise of Beijing Su Tung Investment holding company. The company is committed to making outstanding contributions to the creation of beautiful China and smart cities through lithium battery energy storage, new energy power batteries, LED smart lighting and light environment products.

Company Team

Mr. Deng Wenyun is a special tutor of Guanghua Management College of Peking University. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Su Tung Investment Group Co., Ltd., Honorary President of Jiangxi Hometown Association, General Assembly Chairman and Executive Chairman of Hong Kong Jiangxi Society (Association) , Hong Kong Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce President of the Founding Committee, Executive Vice President of Beijing Jiangxi Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, President of Beijing Pingxiang Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Peking University Guanghua Automobile Association, Vice President of Peking University Real Estate Association, Director of Jiangxi Overseas Friendship Association, Jiangxi Province Hong Kong and Macao CPPCC members and other positions.

China Su Tung Investment Group is a large Hong Kong-owned group company registered in Hong Kong. Deng Wenyun is the chairman of the board of directors. The Group's business is distributed in Hong Kong and other places both in China and abroad. The main domestic investment is controlled by Beijing Su Tung Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Su Tung New Energy Co.,Ltd., Dongguan Sutung New Energy Co.,Ltd., Hebei Chengde Mining Company, and Hebei Small profit Min Mining Company. Invested overseas, Beijing Su Tung Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Su Tung Securities Hong Kong Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Su Tung Hong Kong Finance Co., Ltd., Beijing Su Tung Hong Kong Futures Co., Ltd., Beijing Su Tung Hong Kong Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd., and participating in Hong Kong listed company Superb Summit International Group Limited, China E-learning Group LTD., is a large-scale financial platform established by Chinese private enterprises in Hong Kong.

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